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   Erin Hershey joined the cast of Port Charles as Alison Barrington, granddaughter to the affluent but benevolent Amanda Barrington on General Hospital.  When a murder in self-defense caused Alison to regress, her friendship with Jamal Woods carried her through and blossomed into a loving relationship. 
   The tragic death of Valerie caused Jamal to push Alison away and into the arms of Rafe, an angel with an important journey that has taken him to Port Charles.  Rafe has been to heaven and hell and back again and even sold his soul to the devil for Alison. 
   Their love has been tested over and over like no other.  From being seperated to slaying vampires and still they have never given up on each other.  A love like their's is hard to find, if you can find it at all.  Alison and Rafe's love and all they have endured proves that soulmates really do exist, plus a little magic and help from above doesn't hurt either.  If death can't keep them apart then nothing can.